RFP for Renovation and Addition
1146 Route 542
Green Bank, NJ 08215
Owner:Michael Arnold & Lisa Honaker



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Renovation/energy retrofit project

The project consists of adding a second level to an existing 28x40 ranch house and gutting and refinishing the existing level. The finished house will have 3 bedrooms, a study, a living/dining room, kitchen, porch and 2 1/2 baths.

The house will be super-insulated. 12-inch double-stud walls will be filled with dense-pack cellulose to provide R-40 insulation (double-stud). Energy heel trusses will allow space for cellulose in the attic to provide R-60. Efficient framing will minimize thermal conductivity. Fiberglass, triple-pane windows and doors will provide high performance and high solar gain windows (where appropriate) will maximize free heat in winter.

Rigorous air-sealing will minimize air infiltration. Exterior walls and roof have limited penetrations and each penetration will be carefully sealed. Exterior sheathing and interior wall board will be sealed with caulk and tape. Two blower door tests will demonstrate sealing and provide an opportunity to further reduce air infiltration.

At this point, many of the choices for fit and finish have been made. The links above will take you to drawings and details.

Phase 2 will include solar panels to generate electricity.

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